From a session to a vision


Our products will be sustainable…
and they will only exist if we collaborate!
That means another way of designing them…
Long live to sharing & eco-design !
No more mass-produced eyewear on the other side of the world…
Long live the reasoned & reasonable consumption !
We want to say goodbye to the old world and its army of container ships polluting the oceans by transporting tons of eyeglasses to fill up stocks…
Long live local production !
Down with overstocking which always leads to the destruction of these huge stocks of unsold products…
Long live recycling !
We want to develop a network of partners that we can rely on…
Long live collaboration and short circuits!

We are convinced that this manifesto will be tomorrow’s standard!


Jam was born during our participation in the first Hackathon of the optical sector, that we organized for SILMO Paris in October 2019.
The synthesis of it told us that the future had to be ecological, solidary and technological…
It was the starting point: it was necessary to reinvent the sector.

what is a jam session ?

A “jam“ session or “bœuf“ in French, is an improvised musical session, based on standards when it comes to jazz and which can be joined by different musicians.

Who created JAM’Vision?

We are JAW Studio and we created JAM!

Just Add Water has the necessary expertise to meet your needs in the eyewear field to make your ambitions real. With our creativity, we can guide our customers in the implementation of their product segmentation, product line, innovations and new technologies.

Our expertise learned over several years let us take part in R&D, global environment, product design and marketing.

Just Add Water and let it grow.

We aim to collaborate with passionate people

JAM' by Me

Coming soon

We work local!

We’re looking for partners with a real know-how, while being the closest possible from us.


Materialise is a long-time partner of JAW Studio and we chose to continue working with them as JAM’ for all our 3D printing demands.
Thanks to them, we avoid huge stocks and therefore waste. They are based all over Europe (Belgium, Germany, Poland).

Divel Italia

Based in Bologna, Italy, Divel Italia is a lens producer who cares about the environment, with among other things projects around the recycling of lenses. They also master the latest technologies such as double-mirror patterns, used for our Session #ONE lenses.


Lasertech is an italian company which provides us in metal plates, after cutting and engraving them. The plates are made of recycled and recyclable stainless steel.
They also have a sustainable way of production, with their own water treatment plant.


OBE is a german company which adapts its production to be more eco-responsible since 1996. They considerably decreased their water and energy consumption and their waste production since their creation.
We got from them our hinges for the Session #ONE glasses.

Silcon Plastic

The italian company Silcon Plastic provides us with MEM (Medical Ecofriendly Material) which is made without polluting or dangerous elements and is ISO Biocompatible labeled. It is perfect for our nose pads, those being the part of the glasses that are the most in contact with the skin.


Raphaël Cuenot form CC2L is a strong partner of ours, since he connected us with many of our suppliers : OBE, Divel, Lasertech and Silcon Plastic. Plus he’s less than an hour far from us, allowing us to see each other often and build strong ties.


We call on Guichard for all our demands in boxes, which are always of the best quality thanks to his know-how. And he’s located in the Jura, so we can go and see him often.

Dur à Cuir

Dur à Cuir handmade the glasses cases from Session #ONE with vegetable tanned leather. And she’s located in Lyon, just like us : we try to support the local economy as much as we can!


The compagny, located in the Jura (Morbier), is specialized in surface treatment. We call on them to offer you a variety of metal colors, from bright colors to precious platings.

Leica Eyecare

For over 100 years, Leica has been a worldwide synonym for high precision optical tools and engineering masterpieces.
After an intense and ambitious search, Leica has identified the French company Novacel, which shares the passion for perfection in the production of ophthalmic products.