Session #ONE

JAM’Vision X Hom Nguyen

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Track #2 /02

Sunglasses all in volumes, which cares about details.
Limited edition


So that you can always carry and take with you parts of Hom Nguyen‘s artwork, especially designed for the collection, we have engraved it directly on the right temple, accompanied by the artist’s signature.

Just like Tracks #1 and Tracks #2 /01, it is with subtlety that appears on the left glass the reproduction of the original artwork.

You will be able to carry this frame in its handcrafted leather case (vegetable tanning) enhanced by Hom Nguyen himself.




The front and temples are made of PA 12 and fully 3D printed. The advantages are therefore numerous:
— Additive manufacturing = zero waste
— Print on demand
— Customizable
— Ultra thin

The bridge is made of 100% recycled & recyclable steel.

Components :

  • 1 frame
    Sun lenses (category 2) with the apparition of the artwork by a double mirror treatment
    3D printed front and temples engraved with the artwork
    Recycled metal bridge
  • 1 leather case
    Vegetable tanning
    Artwork engraved then enhanced by the artist