Session #ONE

JAM’Vision X Hom Nguyen

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Track #1 — SOLD OUT

An exceptional box, for a very fine combined model.
Limited edition — 25 pieces


So that you can always carry and take with you parts of Hom Nguyen’s artwork, especially designed for the collection, we have engraved it on a metal plate, in which are cut out the temples and the bridge that make up each of the frames of our Track#1.

The reproduction of the original artwork appears subtly on the left glass of the solar clip.
This titanium magnetic clip, entirely printed in 3D, is easy to use. It will index very easily and perfectly on the frame.

This one can be stored in its handcrafted leather case (vegetal tanning) enhanced by hand by Hom Nguyen himself.

Please note that this frame does not bend, due to its unique construction.


Out of stock


The face is made of PA 11 (derived from castor oil) and fully printed in 3D. The advantages are therefore numerous:
— Additive manufacturing = zero waste
— Print on demand
— Customizable
— Ultra thin

The temples and the bridge are made of 100% recycled & recyclable steel.

The Titanium Solar Clip is printed in 3D.

Components :

  • 1 wooden box, black laquered
    Dimensions: 210 x 200 x 106 mm
  • 1 engraved metal plate (Reproduction of the artwork of Hom Nguyen)
    The temples and bridge are detached to be assembled with the face and end caps.
    Dimensions: 110 x 110 mm
  • 1 frame with blue light blocking lenses
    3D printed front and sleeves
  • 1 magnetic sun clip
    3D printed titanium
    Sun lenses (category 2) with the apparition of the artwork by a double mirror treatment
  • 1 leather clip case
    Vegetable tanning leather
    Artwork engraved then enhanced by the artist